Focus on the Game, Not the Gear

By: Kari Perry
Texas Landowners Association

Yes it is a glorious morning, and you’re ready. You’ve scouted this area for years and know every

tree, break and furrow like the back of your hand and you’ve positioned yourself in exactly the right

spot-just a few feet below the canopy of the sturdiest tree you could find. The anticipation, the excitement, each breath heavy with expectation is almost more than you can take as you await the beautiful, majestic creature that will surely walk out from behind that very thicket of trees like a king ready to defend his castle. His head held high, standing, as if to say “take me if you dare.”

 This however, is where this hunter’s tale could reach a fork in the road. Which one of the following situations will you find yourself in?

Unfortunately, you never make it to the warm glow of the sun peaking up through the trees before the unthinkable happens. Patiently sitting in your stand, while the sky is still dotted with those aforementioned twinkles, your “digital timer” feeder goes off. At first, you can’t believe what you are hearing. You struggle to make sense of it until you suddenly realize that you forgot to reset the timer. Several months ago, 6:30am was perfect. Here on opening day, of course, the days are shorter and 6:30am is now in the dark. You barely manage to contain yourself when out of the darkness you hear the gentle, cautious steps of what certainly must be your trophy buck approaching the feeder. All you can do is make out shadows, and there are many. When it’s finally light enough, you just manage to catch a glimpse of the buck of a lifetime disappearing into the thickness of the woods never to be seen again...

Or perhaps your story fares a little better, something like this: As the world awakens, you welcome the tendrils of steam rising off the ground that are joined by the sound of scurrying feet and snippets of bird song as those of God’s creatures that dwell in the light begin their daily routines. Suddenly, at just the perfect time, at your time, your Game Country Day II feeder sounds, announcing to the trophy buck you know is lingering cautiously in the shadows that sweet golden morsels of corn awaits him. For you have found the right feeder, the best feeder-a “smart feeder” that works like an atomic clock, adjusting itself to the changing of the seasons. You only had to set it once. It never goes off at the wrong time, only during those periods for which you set it. Suddenly, the king steps out. You can hardly contain your excitement as the moment draws near...

Which scenario do you prefer? If you’re a serious outdoorsman, manage your land with the best Manage it by investing in a ‘set it and forget it’ Day II feeder mechanism from Game Country USA, so you can “Focus on the Game not the Gear”.