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I proudly support your company and the products you produce and sell.
I would like to show everyone what brands I buy and use and your products are the best! If i could get some free stickers as well as any other promotional items and catalogs to show off the company it would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much. Keep up the good service. Danny

I live in a small french island in the pacific, and few years ago I've bought a game feeder DF07B from CABELAS (not available today). I have wrote to you in APRIL 2006 to ask you the programming instruction that you had send to me. I was very happy and surprise that you have answered me for are very serious and reliable.

Last weekend when I whent to my hunting spot to change the battery of my feeder, the rope as broken and the feeder is fall from 4 meters high of the tree where it was attached since many years. I was very disapointed ! I send you few pictures to see how it is now

This feeder as an history for me and i know how it is a very good quality feeder because in ten years of service it as always feedind the deers and pigs that i hunt every weekend with not any maintenance.

In 2003 the cyclone Erika had destroyed many houses in New Calédonia and in the same time many trees fall.This year when i went to the mountain after few days using chainsaw to open the road, the tree where was attached my feeder was completely destroyed by the cyclone and the feeder was fall from few meters, the can was destroyed and the feeder was damaged, the deer attrack by the corn have rolled the feeder and clawed it with there antler. You can still see the scratch on the sicker GAME COUNTRY on the picture. I had repaired it,changed the bolts, straight up the body and the motor axle. And it has work few years more since last week.

So I know it is very good quality feeder, I know you are very reliable. So can you make me a quotation to send me in New caledonia:

- 2 DF07 B game feeder.
- 2 Solar panels 6V.
- 1 rechargable battery 6V.

SORRY for my bad english i speak french.
You can use my congratulation for your advertising, it's a pleasure.

Best regards.