Note to all New & Loyal Game Customers:


I have exhausted all of my resources but still have faith that God will bring the right people to help Game Country. God said there are three things that need to happen:

1. Build the foundation.
2. Be #1.
3. Be a perpetual blessing.

My pastor would be proud, three points that start with the same letter:

1. Foundation
2. First
3. Forever

#1 is to have the right people in charge, a Godly team sitting at the round table.
#2 is obvious because Game Country’s made in the USA products are already the best.
#3 people who know Game Country products are a special breed of good people. When #1 is fulfilled it’s those people, who will insure Game Country will continue its charitable endeavors, Veterans and kids being at the top of the list.

For those looking to purchase the best feeder mechanism or the few waiting for warranty work please hold on, we will take care of you.

I am in the process of selling my family home of over 80 to move closer to my mom. 

I only ask for your prayers.


My name is Terry Leggett and I am the new owner of Game Country. As a customer I purchased my first Game Country mechanism in 1995 from Bass Pro. I was a little skeptical at first but having a technical background I was fascinated by the concept. After a year of using my first Game Country Day II mechanism I was hooked and my original mechanism lasted 20 years.

Long story short, a few years ago while purchasing two more Day II mechanisms I discovered the founder, Mr. Sanders had cancer and according to his wife they were going to close the company.  Well God had other plans and although it has been an uphill battle I will do all I can to keep this American company open because Game Country manufactures the best mechanism in the world, its one-of-a-kind and only made in the USA.

I am in the process of selling the building in Georgia and moving the company to Texas (I think this has changed). 

I believe God decided to bless me with the opportunity to not only keep Game Country open but to turn it over to a Veteran who has a heart for all Veteran’s and the youth. God knew I could not do this alone and I believe He will send the right people with the right heart to help.

We need reviews on the new website so if you are a loyal Game Country customer please find the product you have and share your story. Please ask your friends who are also Game Country customers to please do the same.

God made me an ideas guy and has recently blessed me with something truly amazing which I hope to be able to unveil soon. 

I have sacrificed everything because I believe in Game Country and I have no doubt God has great plans so that Game Country can be a blessing to others.

If you feel led to help in any way please let me know.

You can call my cell at 817-648-6538

Thank you and God Bless