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Day II

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This is our signature wildlife "set it and forget it" feeder. You will never have to "adjust " the feeder with time changes. This feeder transforms almost any hopper into a precision automatic feeder. (See Control Boards for picture of the Controller).

  • Heavy-duty, military grade USA made wildlife mechanism and timer.
  • Microprocessor controlled Smart Feeder.
  • Simple programming via 24 miniature DIP switches.
  • Feeds from 1 to 16 times per day at 1 hour intervals.
  • Automatically updates feeding times due to changes in length of day.
  • Motor run time adjustable from 2 to 62 seconds.
  • Five motor speeds.
  • External and Internal test buttons with 10 second delay.
  • Requires 6 volt spring top lantern battery.
  • Battery installation is Plug & Play, no wires to attach.

Included with your purchase:

  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Funnel and Hardware Kit
  • USA made timer

Not included: 6 Volt lantern battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Clay Coffman
Game Country Day II

I am more than pleased. I have been using a Game Country feeder for a couple of years. It has worked flawlessly. So I ordered two more and both of them have been working perfectly.
At first I was intimated by the settings, but they are actually easy instructions to follow
I love the fact they follow the length of day and I never have to adjust as days get shorter or longer

Thank you for the great product.

Clay Coffman

Best feeder battery lasts forever

This is the best feeder I have ever used. And I have gone thru another of them. All metal no varmint damage. A battery lasts forever like a year without recharging. Highly recommend over any other bs feeder from the box stores

keith anderson

Great product have recommended to family and friends

Michael Burns
Partial Fail

Was disappointed that your sales department never responded to my request asking if my old model could be repaired. pictures were also sent.

Don Merchant
Day II in Texas

For me, Day II is better than their competitor.